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Thursday through Saturday, 11 to 6. Other days by appointment only. Appointments required at all times for groups of six or more. Please Call. 

Sorry, though the U.S. Bill of Rights guarantees the separation of Church and State, a County law requires that we close on Sunday.        

Also, Deep Creek wines are available everywhere in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Bacchus Importers of Baltimore will deliver to your favorite store. Just ask, and we'll help set it up!

Deep Creek Wines available in New York City, via J&F Selections: Click here   








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 Welcome to Deep Creek Cellars


XX We are an Appalachian mountain winery, vineyard, and farm market nestled in the scenic Laurel Highlands along the Maryland-Pennsylvania border, 20 minutes from Deep Creek Lake in extreme western Maryland. At Deep Creek Cellars, we make wine one way, and one way only: by hand. In every part of the craft, we emphasize the low-tech, the no-tech, and genuine craftsmanship. We believe that once people understand artisanal winemaking, they can pick out the industrial, "touristy," and crassly sweet. Wine made by hand delights the palate and is felt in the heart. 

A Real Country Getaway

Our family-run winery and vineyard is perched on a steep hillside 20 miles from the nearest stoplight at the crossroads of a three-state outdoor recreation wonderland - just two hours from Pittsburgh, three hours from the Washington or Baltimore beltways, and a short day's drive from Philadelphia, New York, Richmond, or Charlotte. With so many residents of the East Coast seeking wines as well as vacation experiences closer to home, without the urban hum where the stars shine on a pitch-black sky and rushing streams seem to slice every landscape, the Deep Creek region's popularity grows every year. Yet, so far, it remains unspoiled.

Few areas of North America offer as many varied opportunities for hiking, camping, mountain-biking, world-class white-water rafting and trout fishing, plus downhill and cross-country skiing -- as well as just plain relaxing on the deck beside an alpine lake. Wilderness-rich Garrett County has one of the largest black bear populations in eastern America and is renowned as a bird-watchers' paradise, while adjoining counties in West Virginia and Pennsylvania are similarly rugged and scenic. Yet, all the amenities of home are close at hand, too, with fine restaurants, shopping, and plenty of activities.

Wines of True Value

A rustic setting, however, does not mean plain wines. In an era when wine consumers seek more value than ever in the marketplace, most of our bottlings are snapped up by patrons who know Deep Creek's dry but fruity blends and specialty dessert wines can always be counted on. Since 1997, our wines have delighted visitors from every continent with their irresistibly lively flavors at modest prices. 

Among the things we do that nearly all others don't: 1) No useless plastic "decorative" capsules on our bottles: the stripped-down, fastback look represents our commitment to conserving resources. 2) No fining with animal by-products, making our wines always vegan-friendly. 3) No filtering: 99% of American wines are filtered to a sterile state, with lots of flavor and subtle texture lost in the process, so, with our wines a harmless deposit may occur in some bottles during aging.

Deep Creek Cellars is not only a winery. Through it, one small rural family attempts to live in sustainable harmony with the land. We grow, or take from the wild and local farmers, nearly all of our food, preserve for the winter, observe the dictates of the season's cycles, heat with firewood without cutting live trees, and, though it may to some sound trite, try in every way possible to lessen our demands on a maxed-out planet's natural resources. 

In our vineyards, where sustainable agriculture benefits our customers and the Earth, you'll find the classic European Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc, and unusual varieties such as Traminette and Frontenac. In addition to what our own vineyards yield, we rely, beginning with the vintage of 2010, on grapes grown exclusively for us at two other hillside vineyards in Maryland. This means that in all of our 100% Maryland wines, you'll find the bold fruit yet elegant textures typical of mountain viniculture. 

Unique Farm Market and Gift Shop

Check in with us, also, for locally produced goat cheese and other tasty treats, as well as estate-grown berries, orchard fruits, and specialty vegetables sold in season. And to complement the artisanal nature of our wines, the work of regional artists and artisans is for sale in our tasting room. You can also find a good selection of quality wine accessories. Please, stop by and enjoy the view -- at 2,100 feet, yet so easily reached!


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